I will try to tell the story of how my “Psychoanalysis” series were born. 8 years ago I had a dream about a teenage girl with multiple personality disorder. Was it a dream or the effect of the movies I watched? I don’t know yet! I couldn't get over it for a long time and thought that I should explain this with a series of photos. Oh my god! For a long time, I was looking for capturing the emotions that triggered me for the space and the model. One morning, I met the newly appointed English teacher in our school, in the hallway. No way, I was officially locked up to my teacher friend. At that moment, I decided that “She is the one!” must be the face of the story I was going to tell. I explained my project to her and thank God she willingly accepted. I made many plans during preparation period. 
I planned each phases with esquisses (I made drawings). I made preparations for months with the images that I was planning to use in my photography. Especially, I focused on the language and the feelings. I was looking for a place for the best photography and it has to be interior. While I was wandering around the villages to take some pictures, an old, abandoned village school caught my attention. And YES, that was the place I was looking for!! Everything was ready and I could start shooting now. Together with my husband and her husband, we shot very long time. After long and tiring but enjoyable shoots, the next phase was editing my shots. I edited my shots with Photoshop for about 6 months. Sometimes, I even made extra shots in the same place with the same lightning conditions in order to add the feelings that I wanted to include. Results were AWESOME! Finally, after a year, all the photos were completed. But wait, there was a problem. She told me that her husband was jealous and didn’t let me to use her shots. 
Even though, we talked about everything at first, for some reason which is really hard to understand, all my works & efforts were about to go to waste. I can’t believe. I shouldn't have given up and had to find another solution. One evening, while I was hanging out and drinking coffee with my neighbor, I realized that the model was in front of me, I never looked at my neighbor that way. (Sometimes what you are looking for is always with you.). I told her about the disappointing story and my purpose immediately. Luckily, she agreed to my model. This time I learnt from my mistakes and signed a model agreement with her. The world was mine at that day!!! We quickly started shooting again with my new model. We shot again and again in the same place from the beginning. I never gave up. As a result, I finished the psychoanalysis series after about 2-3 year effort!!! In return for my hard work & long efforts, my “Psychoanalysis” series were exhibited in many photography festivals and I won the following “notable” prizes; -2016 The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (HIPA) (Winner – Manipulation Category) -2017 Şinasi Barutçu Photography Cup