The purest era of mankind is childhood and the clarity of dreams represents the innocence. Based on this idea, I tried to describe the good manner that deteriorate as we grow up. I photographed the children who are afraid of being homeless, preparing for life with exams, playing games unaware of the evils, and the longing for nature in the concrete world. I drew pictures on the ground using colored chalk with the help of my students.” This project has been created between 2015 and 2017 in Kocaeli/Turkey.

With my project I am awarded “The Alfred Fried Photography Award”, which is held in Austria, invited to the Ceremony of Peace Photography and became one of the five photographers who deserved to get Peace Photography Prize in 2016. My artwork was perenially taken to the Parliament Museum in Austria. I am also awarded withInternational Photography Grand Mention, Iran Mental Health Contest Grand Prize. Also my photographs exhibited around the world.